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Problem statement -
What we are trying to solve with our products

The complexity of an automotive systems has grown exponentially during the last few years due to:

  • Exponential growth in SW, data, networking etc.

  • Increased number of variants, shorter time to market etc.

  • Connected vehicles -> need for state-of-the-art security

  • Autonomous driving -> increased system safety considerations

  • Many different suppliers of SW and HW with independent deliveries

  • Many different technologies - runtime, network protocols, HW etc.

  • Trying to be backwards compatible instead of being agile using CI

  • Static bus packing with increased number of signals and variants

  • Old tools not supporting new ways of designing vehicles

Why use Nebula Solutions?

By using Nebula you get a state-of-the-art automotive platform, Pulsar, that takes care of the lower levels in the stack and provides services to make your work efficient and enables you to focus on your applications.

The Nebula Pulsar Platform will:

  • Speed up your development loops

  • Free up time and resources for you core business

  • Provide an API with highly efficient services that “just work”

  • Take care of communication, security, safety, diagnostics, SWDL etc. so you don’t have to have expert knowledge in all areas of the full automotive stack

  • Faster time to market

  • Cost efficient and tested applications from the marketplace

  • The intuitive tools suite makes it easy to design, simulate, debug and visualize the system

  • Consultant services available to help get up to speed quickly and if needed guide and support throughout the whole project


Along with the platform we also provide a end-to-end design studio tool suite, Cosmos. It handles all tasks intuietly to design a platform from project definition all they way to a ready SOP vehicle and beyond.

And finally we provide a number of functions that can run on top of the Pulsar platform or any other Adaptive Autosar platform.

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