Nebula offers unique Autonomous Mobility Services for Our Customers.

Autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs)

AGVs are used in logistics and manufacturing environments to transport goods within a facility autonomously.

Robo taxis

Autonomous ride-hailing services, such as Waymo One and Cruise Origin, offer on-demand transportation without the need for human drivers.

Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP)

Designed to allow vehicles to park themselves in designated parking areas without human intervention.

Autonomous shuttles And Trucks

These driverless shuttles provide convenient and eco-friendly transportation within predefined areas, such as airports, campuses, and city centers.

Beside providing the actual features we also have highly skilled engineers specialized in sensor technologies and Sensor Fusion.‚Äč
We can support your journey towards Autonomous Mobility in different ways
  • By providing engineering services working with you to develop your in-house solutions.
  • Provide a ready SOA design which your SW team will implement.
  • Provide the fully implemented and ready-to-go solution.