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​Unlike a traditional waterfall project, agile is flexible with regard to scope. More often than not, our clients realize features they originally requested are no longer necessary or needs to be changed. This allows them to launch sooner at a lower cost. Agile isn’t about paying a lot with uncertainty, it’s about paying for only what you need. Need to stick within a budget? No problem! We can rearrange the product backlog so that critical new features are implemented at the expense of less important features, not your budget.​​


QUALITY​Agile integrates testing throughout the process. Consistently delivering tested software means higher overall quality and less time spent on quality assuring the full application.​​


RIGHT PRODUCT​Incremental releases let you test your product early and often. Even if you don’t release it to the public, it’s much easier to locate flaws and things that can be improved when you have an actual product to play with vs a series of designs.​​


TRANSPARENCY​Agile lets you see, feel and use a project consistently throughout the project. You don’t see things in compartmentalized silos; you see how things work together.

Why Agile Project Management Rocks !!!

SOA Project Management - Scrum Workflow

Scrum is a framework that addresses complex problems, while creatively and productively delivering products of the finest possible value. It is developed for teams who divide their work into goals, that can be completed within timeboxed iterations called sprints, which lasts 2- 4 weeks. The scrum team tracks the progress of the project in 15-minute timeboxed meetings called daily Scrum. After sprint completion, the team holds a review meeting to demonstrate the work done and a retrospective to continually improve.​

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