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Facial Recognition

Gaze Detection

Tracking of driver’s eyes and gaze to reduce the risk of accidents

Provides features as

  • Detect Driver's distraction

  • Blink detection to identify tiredness

  • Identify micro-sleep

  • Alert the Driver to avoid possible crashes

Facial Recognition

Identify user based on facial recognition


Provides features as

  • Secure login

  • Emotion detection

  • Detect driver attention level

  • Enhanced cyber security

Fatigue Detection

Detect fatigue and microsleep


Provides features as:

  • Warns the driver of drowsiness and the risk of a microsleep

  • Compliance with driver warnings helps to avoid crashes caused by fatigue

Age and Gender Detection

Detect users age and gender


Provides features as:

  • Automate the driver experience according to age & gender preference

  • To monitor the in-car occupancy activity

  • Provide the safety measures by distinguishing the child and adult passengers

Market Analysis - Driver Monitoring System

In cabin sensing an emerging market, which is expected to see potential boost due to legislations across the globe. Radar sensing is not only used for active/passive safety applications but also in cabin occupant sensing together with a camera.

For the European market, vehicles must be equipped with DMS from July 2022. All new cars will have OMS Feature integrated, as a standard configuration especially for child presence detection from year 2024.

Now the OEMs across the globe are coming with camera integrated display units, similar to our smartphones. Precise positioning of the Radar sensors helps ensure the entire vehicle vicinity is captured. Multi sensor fusion approach will penetrate in the market to offer reliable and robust solution.

Nebula Driver Monitoring System
Your complete in-cabin sensing expert 


Our Services


SOA Capability

Nebula Pulsar Platform is developed for with complete AUTOSAR Regulations in mind , ensure complete end to end support with SOA ,legacy signaling through effective gateway solution.


Complexity Management

The Cosmos Studio Will Help in Developing Full SOA Platform in Effective way ,with high throughput and minimum latency and overhead . The Cosmos Studio will

  • Take Decisions or make suggestions based on algorithms .

  • Interactively guide the designers to make correct decision.

  • Provide End-End Traceability and visualization throughout the design process 

  • Incorporate various design check rules and guides 


Very Competitive price 

Nebula Provides Complete Solution with competitive market price to buying stacks and tools separately for each ECU. We offer different Payment Models based on your preferences. One-time License Payment Per project based on  the platform utility.

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