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Electric Mobility

A New Era of Future Automotive Technology

The Future of Automotive is Electric

Electrification is the key for new integrated mobility various vehicle segments. High Demand, Increase Infrastructure, Regulatory Norms force OEMs to Shift from ICE to EV Solutions. Regulation, technology, and consumer behavior will change the mobility landscape.​According to McKinsey global Statics, we expect EV Solutions  adoption to reach 45 percent under currently expected regulatory targets. However, to achieve net zero emissions EVs would need to account for 75 percent of passenger car sales globally by 2030, which significantly outpaces the current course and speed of the industry.

Targeting for Net Zero CO2 Emissions

Material emissions will dominate vehicle lifecycle emissions when clean energy is used for charging and are the next frontier for automotive emissions reduction


Why Nebula Automotive is the preferred partner for powertrain systems and electrified mobility

Vehicle Charging Stations

Driving electric mobility with innovative and economical solutions. Electric powertrain systems are increasingly more powerful and efficient. The right thermal management design is constantly gaining in significance, ensuring more range and comfort in electric vehicles and therefore more driving fun.

Nebula Service Oriented e-Mobility Vehicle Services

  • Remote Charging

  • Remote Battery pre-Heating

  • Remote Climate Control

  • Thermal Management Services

  • Battery Management Services

  • Battery Cloud Services – OTA​

  • EV driveline solutions

  • Higher range and lower energy consumption

  • Development of innovative products matching the future requirements of electric vehicles

  • High system competence for thermal management in electric vehicles (e.g. service: holistic vehicle simulation of the thermal system)

  • The optimal thermal system for every electric vehicle.

  • Connected charging solutions support drivers of electric vehicles throughout their journey with convenient features like route planning that provides personalized recommendations for charging points and relevant locations (points of interest), continuously updated and accurate range prediction, easy payment options for use of public charging stations, and cost-optimized charging at home.

What is EMaaS?

(Electric Mobility as a Service)

eMaaS refers to the integration of multiple forms of eco-friendly transportation modes and shared electric mobility services (e.g., e-car sharing, e-bike sharing, e-scooter sharing, e-bus, e-taxi) into a single mobility service that allows travelers to plan and go from A to B in an eco-friendly and seamless way. Therefore, the eMaaS ecosystem is composed of the combination of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Electric Mobility Systems (EMS) and Shared Electric Mobility Services (SEMS) as shown in the figures below.

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