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What is the Nebula Cosmos Studio?

The Cosmos Studio is an advanced model-based design studio that handles everything from product definition to communication design of an automotive platform.

The Cosmos Studio brings the entire design process together into one tool.

The Cosmos Studio covers everything needed in the design process, like:

  • Project / Product definition

  • Requirement Management

  • Features & Functions

  • Architecture Design

  • System Design

  • Software Design

  • Variability Management

  • Communication Design

  • Deployment

  • Cyber Security Strategies

  • System Safety Design and Analysis

  • Diagnostics Design

  • CI/CD integration

  • Test Design

  • etc. etc.


All in an intuitive way.

The founding idea of the Cosmos Studio is that it should be as easy as possible to do a great design in a very complex platform.

The Cosmos Studio fully support MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering) throughout the process but it's also possible to work in a more traditionally way with windows and fields.


It gives a lot of support to the different roles along the way with guidelines, checklists, AI driven suggestions, visualization, document generation etc.

It also offers a direct connection to the Pulsar Platform to be able to do:

  • Debugging

  • Live data visualization

  • Simulations

  • etc.

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