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Vehicle Connectivity

We also provide turnkey connectivity and cyber security solutions with our Pulsar platform.

Nebula’s Connectivity based solutions, opens unlimited possibilities to extend the features of the car, both inside and outside of the vehicle​. ​ The features of connected vehicle technology improve the overall driving and ownership experience:​ Complete Fleet support Data collection system OTA Management Remote services

Types of Vehicle Connectivity

Some types of vehicle Connectivity V2X Communication are

  • Vehicle to Network [V2N]

  • Vehicle to Infrastructure [V2I]

  • Vehicle to Vehicle [V2V]

  • Vehicle to Cloud [V2C]

  • Vehicle to Pedestrian [V2P]

  • Vehicle to Device [V2D]

  • Vehicle to Grid [V2G]  


What is V2G connectivity?

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) is a system that lets electric vehicles (EVs) communicate with the public power grid and provide electricity back to the grid to meet energy demand.​V2G could safely communicate payment information at public charging stations and unlock additional functionality by creating a cyber-secure gateway between the vehicle and the manufacturer. EVs offer enormous potential to reduce CO2 emissions, they are only as clean as the electricity that they use. In a near future, Wireless EV Charging can come to the market. 

How Nebula Automotive can support in creating and maintaining excellent Cyber Security?​As the automotive industry continues to evolve by digital transformation driven solutions, new software defined vehicles and the development of new mobility concepts V2X, V2V, cyber security has become a critical issue in the hardware and software value chain and is being taken more seriously than ever.​Nebula Automotive provide expertise and services in all disciplines of Cyber Security, for example:

  • Establish Cybersecurity policy​

  • Support implementation of Cyber Security mechanisms and infrastructure, both on-board and off-board the vehicle.

  • Define and manage interaction between Cyber Security processes and related processes. ​

  • Perform Cyber Security reviews and TARAs on a full platform or separate systems

  • Manage and mitigate Cyber Security Risk

  • Help create and maintain Cyber Security Culture, including competence management and continuous improvement. ​

  • Perform Organization Cyber Security Audit​​s

Auto Virtual Reality

Cyber Security Solutions

Connectivity & Security solutions perform key functions that enable next-generation vehicle architectures. 

  • Secure Interfaces Secure

  • Networks Secure

  • Gateway Secure

  • Processing Secure

  • CAR Access


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