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Autonomous Mobility


Autonomous Mobility

Nebula has expert knowledge in Autonomous Vehicle design and helps to fulfil the requirements of the next generation autonomous connected cars with the use of advanced technologies like SOA and AI. We know the demands on the system and have experience in handling Fail-Operational Architectures, Cyber Security, Functional Safety etc.​Nebula develops advanced solutions that makes self driving vehicles possible.​Nebula solutions are capable of handling the most challenging & dynamic traffic scenario in urban cities around the world.​

Nebula offers different advance parking technology services for our potential customers.

Advanced Parking Assistance (APA)

Shiftless Auto Park Assist (SAPA)

Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP)

Remote Parking Assist (RPA) 


Beside providing the actual features we also have highly skilled engineers specialized in sensor technologies and Sensor Fusion.​

We can support your journey towards Autonomous Mobility in different ways

  • By providing engineering services working with you to develop your in-house solutions.

  • Provide a ready SOA design which your SW team will implement

  • Provide the fully implemented and ready-to-go solution 

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